When I use Blender for procedural stuff, I want it to be dead simple. No fucking reasons to go into deep rendering settings. As this statement follow this article, let’s take a simple look to how we displace this original shit we are dealing with in Blender.

Let’s start with creating a grid:

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Start with a grid instead of a plane. I find it very usefull to start with grid as we are dealing with ray vertex insted on generating shit on the fly.

Then add a material to this new grid

Image for post

To show displacement: we need to open deeper controls. So open Setting in this material

Image for post

At this point we are ready to “displace those fuckers”.

Shader editor

Open your the shader editor and let’s start to plug shits in.

We will use this simple node graphs than plug in into displacement.

Image for post

It gives us this in the render:

Image for post

Shader editor let’s show the map

If we plug that shit into the surface, we can have the view of the displacement map we generated.

Image for post

Here is the generated map!

Image for post

Here is the blend file if you want to jam it!


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