EPISODE 16: Pierre-Luc Lapointe from OVA.AI is in the studio!

Pierre-Luc Lapointe is the Research and Development director at ova.ai, the talented team behind StellarX, a tool that allow anyone to generate creative VR environment and experiences. In this episode, we cover the background behind the company, what is the challenges on bringing creative and arts ideas into VR, Non-Euclidean Continue Reading

Episode 7 – Sebastien Levesque in the Studio! Big data, AI, Internet Culture, Raving, old school programming etc…

Sebastien is a a veteran in the field of podcasting, nowadays, he host the french-canadian podcast Distorsion. He also have a huge amount of knowledges when it comes to the Internet culture, the programming of the web and how it changed our life. It was very interesting to see two Continue Reading