The rain pouring down on the window of my 3rd floor window on a hot summer night, making me think about the general idea on how some music transcend generational concepts and make itself as relevant with time passing by. I won’t lie and pretending I am an hardcore fan of band since I am a teenager and so on… I deeply dived with the proper imaginary for coming out of the eager blissfulness and leaving the high school years to become what we innocently labeled as an adult. Reflecting the proper mindset of what a lot of us were at the time, stupid young kids, getting drunk and studying in college, I do feel like there is no standardize way to explain what we were facing at the time, both from out mindset and situations, besides those stories, music seems like a common vector of sharing.

This is going to be a very long one, I decided to not put any form of rules simply then writing. We all been to a lot of strange moments since march 2020… So here are some of my writing of the last few months.

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It all started with the power of this band.

Everyone has a different story to tell on how they felt in love with The Smiths, how odd this moment when listening a record from them made them feel suddenly accepted in their common misconceptions over their projections. There was a moment when, however bad life could get from our teenager perspective, Marr’s hook would ground us into a space, I do not know what is was, but it was a space where we could feel like we had a friend telling is was OK, that everything would be fine.

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The music of the Smiths may not be properly driven by the same factors that build over standardize image of man, and how they should behave or feel related to their image or perceptions, but to simply be. Their music offered us a space where we could share feelings, be who we really were, and putting us into different places, from the comfort of decent headphones. I cannot remember how many nights they were, blinded by the insomnia, trying to find a sense, and having Morrissey lyrics acting as a bedtime storytelling narrating how distorted my own introspection could get.

They make you feel like it is ok to be a nerd, an outsider, a weirdo.

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Everyone has their own perks from listening to the Smiths, I doubt a fan of this band can argue on the impact it had on modern music and how generations of teenager growing up to their sounds would find their own place with their words and sounds.

Why does The Smiths vibrate with some people, and deeply not with others? And some legends…

There is a standard myth that us fan sometimes describe at it being impossible to not love this band. Honestly, how could someone not love the poetry of Morrissey and unique Marr’s arpeggiated strings tickling? The answer rely on a very simple concept I want to propose: could it be possible that when diving into The Smiths, our state of mind was more about not deeply asking ourselves on why it was so good, but simply enjoying it? We all have a friend that does not really understand the style of the band, and however hard we try to nailed it down, we simply cannot understand how someone could be completely turned off by the band.

Some fans are bigger than other fans…

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The 1987 radio incident…

The story is telling that a fan being hijacked a radio station menacing the dj to spend Smiths record on the air… It was proposed as a story from a William Shaw interview in 1994 details magazine… Quoted as

“Once, in 1987, a young man in Denver held the local radio station at gunpoint, demanding that they play only Smiths songs. For four hours they complied and the Colorado airwaves were filled with the then-unfamiliar sound of Morrissey, until the police persuaded the gunman to back down. When Morrissey heard what had happened he felt, of course, extreme pleasure. ‘But how did you know about it?’ he demands. ‘I’ve never come across anybody who knew about it.’ The fact that the siege has never been properly reported anywhere outrages Morrissey. ‘If it was any other artist, it would have been world news. But because it was poor old tatty Smiths it was of no consequence whatsoever.’”

I won’t go in this story in this article, West Magazine already made a proper coverage.

But why, you do not love it…

I am simply trying to explore a point here and there is no reason we should care on about this idea. The Smiths are not about trying to love it, it’s probably one of the most ride or die band, and no matter what generations you are living in, the joy that their sound bring to you will not be something you could easily shared with others, if they do not have the same magically touching devotion for the sound.

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The Morrissey’s lyrics also brings a lot to how we can relate, bringing a lot of feelings from simple mindset into a form of songs. Some of us were not meant to enjoy poem, but poems delivered with incredible music make them understand the power of words. Morrissey was probably one of the only singer out there that could really make this kind of imagery possible, binding together the core concept of poetry while delivering a true self from singing the words, without any artifices.

Why it still feels so good?

I am still wondering why does this particular band make me feel in such a way… I mean, it is not like they are the only one that can touch some parts of my brain circuitry to trigger some dopamine rushing. There is something different about The Smiths, they put you in their mood, no matter how hard you try to dodge it. Their music is not only related to our passion for it, but also from out beautiful it is to see that generations like mine, way younger than the one that lived it still find some core concept of finding ourselves into their arts.

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For me, The Smiths music is a soundtrack I put on everyday when wondering what life is all about. Love is a large question, but passion seams to be a driving factor.

When I started writting shaders a few years ago, it felt like having a new endeavor to dive into rendering. I was always thinking about them, and so was The Smiths, always in my headphones.

And though I walk home alone
I might walk home alone…
…But my faith in love is still devout

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