Sernoskie is a midi plugin to allow the user to transform any single note to a complex melody structure, based on various randomness and settings. This is a documentation, not a tutorial.

Core Module

This is where a continuous midi signal is being transformed to generate the output.

The core idea is to take the single midi note and process it to generated melody. The input note does not need to fit the ouput, any midi note will be processed to generate the melody defined from the user input of the plugin!

SynchedRate: How fast is the core note being repeat.

Gate: The gate amount of the previous repeated note.

Orders: Defines how to the generate melody is being played, see it as the order of notes generated from the signal.

MajorMinor: Defines if the scale generated is either Minor or Major.

CoreScale: Defined the root scale of what we want to generate(more on this later).

HighNote: Will produce a *2 on every generated note make the melody having an octave higher.

PostProcess Module

Post control module is used to change how the Core modules output the final Midi. See it as a Instagram of MidiSignal.

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