Swimming is Holy Grail of all sports, when it comes to fine-tune everything to gain few seconds on every lanes. All team sports are not like swimming, if you need to relay on someone else to fine tune your body machine, it explains a lot. Crazy how we give importance on team sports. To be honest, it all feels like weird white dudes running for a ball to make a counter go +1 on a virtual board. If you are a fan of Hockey or BasketBall: Have you ever asked yourself how useless and lame this is?

It’s more than running for reaching a rubber spherical shape.

“Yeah but my sport is technical as well, because of this and that bla bla bla.”

Cool, let’s get into the pool, explain me how hard is the technical aspect of your sport.

Swimming techniques are all based on physic, not on running like apes around a rubber spherical ball ( : !

It’s broken!

Good news, if you never had, I will point you out on important points! How useless is the concept of two teams running against each other to put a ball into a net? It’s fucking useless, probably the most basic shit two monkeys could find out to do for entertaining themselves. That’s how broken the sport industry is today: Take any shitty concept, put a lot of money for branding it into a league or something, and then you have a sport. While you see NHL as a sport league, it’s a business that project the shitty idea of simple actions on speculations based on money from investor, not from sport.

NHL, NBA, NFL are just branding done right, where the only thing that matter is not valuable sporting talent, but how does the image of the team is able to milk the money of the middle-class to enrich the owners. Stop stating you like sports, you don’t! You love the business of the sports, not the sport you preach on. Ask yourself: what if you favorite league and what is it? Whatever what team sports you love, it’s al about loving the business and not the sport.

All team sports are clean money for dirty investors.

What is harder: Tuning your body to beat the clock using the law of physics or running like monkeys around a  spherical ball ? Easy question, but rough answer, you team sports are easy as fuck, it’s all about branding, publicity and making the audience watch.

Some of you might be: “But there is a lot of techniques in my sport!”. Cool, very cool, it’s not because you put complexity in running on a rubber sphere that make the whole thing more complex. You simply add more rules on this very stupid and useless idea to run for a ball to hit the net.

The emphasis we put on the busineness driving sports is the problem. You put more energy and projection on the system rather than actually focusing on what makes sport so unique.

True athletes focus on the fine tuning of performances, and not how much money they can make being slut to big franchise.

Swimming is the savior

Swimming is not only about lanes, it’s about mastering the artform of breathing, body movement and synchronicity. Besides a lot of other sports, it’s based on 1 thing: timing.

You fight against one thing, the clock, the fucking clock. If your body is not moving well enough, if you do not breathe on the right moment, you fail at the clock. It’s not about the speed, it’s not about cardio, it’s not about amount of shit you done… It’s all about one thing: Finding the perfect tuning for cardio, muscle, body movement and breathing, into water. It’s a life long journey, and besides every other sports, you need to master all of the above fields to say: “I am a good swimmer”

Team sports are what shit because they focus on bringing money from leagues and dirty collabs from individuals and business. NHL and Mcdo are still collaborating together, how not consequent is that?

There is a problem with teams, owners and how we glorify single humans from “how much money they own”. We glorify athletes based on their Networth besides focusing on their actual skills, wich are to learn patterns to improve their performances. Money should not even be a variable to put in the equation when it comes to measure talent in the field of sport.


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